It’s like I am stuck in the mirror, you looking back at me –
If I could, I would, I take you back with me.

Your head on my shoulder, I don’t want to lose you now – you were right here, in front of me – is this how it’s going to go down?

Stuck in this mirror Right in front of us – could I ever find my way back to me!

Baby come with me – to show you the fight left in me – I am a man stuck in the mirror – until you can come back to me –
Remember the days you stole my first kiss away from me – all I see is a reflection of you looking back at me –

I need your Heart to come to heal me once again – as I walk Solo – So, who to say I was right or wrong? Will you come and remember that man stuck in the mirror – you looking back in your eyes as you stair at me – stuck in this mirror –

That’s what happen again, as you open my lid – I don’t walk like, talk like – all the other Bipolar playin this Game –
Bump that shit again, tap that music again – as we drink this punchin rum – until the early mourn come!

You might see double, might be triple – Just remember –
Make the World come to the party –
As this man stuck in the Mirror!!!


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